Kit’s Halloween Friend

I met a new friend on my way back up from the deep ocean. Before I tell you who I’m with, I will give you a hint.

Bwa-ha-ha. Happy Halloween!

His name has something in common with the guy in the picture above. It’s a big name for a small animal. He is usually less than 1 foot long. He has webbing between his eight legs. There are spines along his legs. They make this animal look even scarier!

He lives in the deep, dark sea. He has organs that produce light. When a predator approaches him, he can flash the light from those organs. This helps to distract the predator so he can swim away. He has very big eyes, which also help him see in the dark.

Predator – an animal that attacks another animal, usually for food.
Photophores – organs that produce light.

He can also turn inside out to protect himself. This puts those spines on the outside to keep attackers away!

Scary spines!

Who do you think I’m with? Can you use the clues I gave you to figure out what he is called? I’ll give you the answer soon. Happy hunting!

Halloween Friend Answer

Did you figure out who I am with? Let’s think about the clues. He has 8 legs. He has a name in common with a vampire. He lives in the deep dark ocean. And he has photophores, organs that make light.

I’m spending Halloween with a Vampire Squid! Despite his name, he is not truly a squid. He is an animal called a cephalopod. Cephalopod – a marine animal characterized by a large head and tentacles.

Vampire Squid wikimedia

They can be different colors. Some are light red. The black ones give you a good idea where they got their name! Their big eyes help them see in the dark pelagic zone of the ocean. They can turn themselves inside out when approached by a predator. This helps protect them by putting their spines out toward the threat. This makes them appear more menacing. Would you want to mess with this guy?

Check out this video by National Geographic to see a vampire squid turn himself inside out. If you pay close attention, you will see him wink at you, too! I hope you had a spooky Halloween! We’ll talk soon, Love Kit.