Kit’s Adventure Location

Did you figure out where I am? Let’s look at the clues we have. If you haven’t seen the clue sheet, go here first.

I traveled northeast from Hawaii for over 2000 miles. Look at the compass below. N is north. E is east. S is south and W is west. Do you see NE between N and E? That means northeast.

Now find Hawaii on the map below. If you draw a line with your finger northeast from Hawaii, where does your finger land?

Did you guess California? Good job! Now, let’s narrow it down. I’m near a large red bridge. Do you see it on the map?

That large bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California! We’re getting close now. The number 39 was bold so that was also a clue. You listened to the sound of the pinnipeds on the docks. The three types of pinnipeds are seals, sea lions, and walruses. Did you figure it out?

I’m at Pier 39 in San Francisco with the sea lions! Would you like to see them right now?

People from all over the world visit Pier 39 in San Francisco, California to see the sea lions that sun themselves on the docks. The pinnipeds started doing this after an earthquake hit the area. The protected area has plenty of food for them. And who doesn’t love to lay in the warm sunshine!

The mayor of San Francisco decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sea lions arrival. January 16 is now officially Sea Lions Day in San Francisco!

Sea lions live in almost every ocean. They are not found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Scientists don’t know why.

They eat up to 40 pounds of food a day. Maybe they should be called Sea Piggys!

Excuse me do you have any fish? OINK! Photo by Peter Burdon on Unsplash

Unlike seals, sea lions can walk on their flippers. Even though they live in the water, they breathe oxygen and need to come to the surface for air. I’ve had a lot of fun hanging out by Pier 39. I hope you did too. Let’s see where I go next. Are you ready?