Kit goes to the Dark Zone

Learn about the Dark Zone.

Wow! Everyone who voted decided to go with me to the Dark Zone. You are all so brave. Your bravery has made me brave too. Let’s dive deep and see who lives down there. Are you ready?

It’s getting a little bit darker. It seems like the water is bluer. Let’s keep going.

Boy, is it dark down here, and cold. I can’t see a thing. Are you all still with me? Did anyone bring a flashlight? It sure would be helpful down here in the Dark Zone. Wait, I see a flashlight. Do you see it?

That’ not a flashlight! RUN! I mean SWIM!

Wait, come back. I’m Freddie. I’m a football fish. Who are you?

My name is Kit. I’m a green sea turtle. If you don’t mind me asking, what is on your head?

This pole helps me eat. Bacteria sticks to the end of the pole. It creates light and attracts smaller fish. Once they get close enough…CHOMP!


We all have to eat. Here comes a friend of mine. Don’t mind the way he looks. His bottom teeth are so long they don’t fit in his mouth. He has holes on the top of his mouth. That is where his bottom teeth go when he eats. Even then he can’t close his mouth all the way.

Hi, I’m a fangtooth. Sorry I can’t stay to chat. Unlike Freddie, I don’t have a light on my head that attracts food. I have to go find food. I’m pretty hungry. Nice to meet you. Hope you’ll come visit us again. We don’t get many visitors down here.

Nice to meet you too! We should be getting back to the surface for some air.

Wow! They were very scary looking for such tiny fish. They were only a few inches long. We should name the fangtooth. What do you think his name should be? What is the best name you can think of for the fangtooth?

Let’s get some air and meet back soon!