Meet the Writer

lynne  Thank you for visiting I am passionate about animals and the environment. Education is an important part of conservation. Children are eager to learn and care about important issues. When we care about something as a child, it becomes part of our fabric. My hope is that our younger generation will become stewards of our natural resources. 

I have been writing in many different genres for the last several years. I have one short sci-fi story, Time Share, published in the 2020 Bould Awards Short-Story Anthology

My education includes:

Graduate certificate in Professional Writing, Northern Arizona University

BS Medical Biology, University of New England

AS Radiologic Technology,  NH Technical Institute 

I have always cared deeply about animals. Vacations have included taking pictures of moose in northern Maine, visiting Denali in Alaska, and viewing polar bears from a tundra buggy in Churchill, Canada. I have spent the last twenty years working as a radiology technologist. I have also worked as a veterinary technician and volunteered with animals.

woman with polar bear behind her
If you look closely, you will see something behind me other than a rock!

polar bear on tundra
One of the beautiful polar bears we saw in Churchill Canada

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