Kit is Cold on a Continent

Brr! I don’t know where I am but it’s very cold here! I swam south for a long time. I’m at a continent that is almost completely covered in ice.

Continent – large continuous piece of land

Emperor Penguins love the cold

Continents are so large, there are only 7 of them on Earth. How many of them can you name?

Guess what! I met a new friend. His name is Rocky. He’s a penguin. He’s not like any penguin I’ve ever seen before. He is so BIG! In fact, these giant penguins are all I see. Rocky has many friends and family! They are the only thing I see.

As much as I like hanging out with Rocky, I don’t think I will stay here. It’s too cold for this girl from Hawaii.

Could you please tell me where I am so I can swim to a warmer place soon?

Swim ya later, Love Kit

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