Nesting Palooza

I’m still in the Pacific Ocean. The waters feels a bit warmer. I think I’m closer to the equator.

I’m resting close to shore and I can’t believe my eyes. Thousands of sea turtles are coming ashore and nesting at the same time! I’ve never seen so many sea turtles on the beach! The are all arriving from the sea at once.

It’s also strange that they are nesting during the daylight. Most sea turtles nest at night because it is cooler.

Mass nesting

These girls do a funny little dance after they lay their eggs and push sand over the nest. They tilt their bodies from side to side and pack the sand with their plastron. A plastron is the shell covering their bellies.

These momma turtles are smaller than I am. But they sure are cute! Their shells are only about 2 feet long, half the size of my shell. Green sea turtles like me weigh between 150 and 450 pounds. These sea turtles weigh less than 100 pounds.

Where do you think I am? And what kind of turtles am I seeing?

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